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Late 1890's

History of Trenton Country Club

Cross the threshold of our clubhouse and enter a world of congenial camaraderie that began its legacy in the late 1890s. Follow in the footsteps of our notable members and guests. Astor (1901), Roosevelt (1901), Rockefeller (1911), Chaplin (1919), and Crosby (1928) are just a few of the distinguished guests who signed Trenton Country Club’s leather-bound registry as they entered to dine with friends and colleagues or enjoy an afternoon on one of America’s first golf courses.

Guest Information


Welcome to Trenton Country Club, one of New Jersey’s finest and most historic private clubs.  We are proud of TCC’s history and traditions and kindly request you review the following policies prior to your arrival. We hope you enjoy your visit.


Dress Code

In keeping with TCC’s private club setting, all members and guests are expected to follow the Club’s dress code guidelines for modest and neat attire. Hats and visors must be worn with the brim facing forward and removed before entering the Clubhouse. Blue denim is permitted only on the lower (ground) level of the Clubhouse and the lower patio. If you are wearing blue denim, please enter the Clubhouse through the lower-level doors. Please change clothes and shoes only in the designated locker or changing rooms. 



Gentlemen are expected to wear pants or Bermuda-length shorts tailored for golf, and collared shirts tucked in at all times.

​Ladies may wear pants, capris, Bermuda shorts, golf skirts, or dresses of at least fingertip length. Short sleeve and sleeveless shirts must have a collar. Tank tops, short shorts, tennis-length skirts, tight-fitting apparel such as leggings and tights, belly shirts, and revealing trousers are not appropriate.

Only non-penetrating spikes, soft spikes, or sneakers/tennis shoes may be worn on the golf course, driving range, practice putting green, and practice facilities.

No blue denim, athletic warm-up suits, cargo shorts or pants with outside pockets, or tennis-length shorts are permitted. 


Hats must be worn with visors forward and removed off under cover.



Flat, smooth-sole tennis shoes appropriate for Har-Tru courts are required for all players over the age of 10 years. Basketball, running, jogging, training, golf shoes, sandals, or bare feet are not permitted on the courts.

Appropriate tennis attire for men includes collared or crew (non-collared) tennis shirts and tennis shorts. Collared or crew neck tennis shirts, tennis shorts, tennis dresses, and skirts are appropriate tennis attire for women. Tennis warm-up suits (jacket/pants) are permitted.


Swimsuits, cut-offs, cargo, blue denim, and denim shorts are not acceptable.


Hats and visors must be worn with visors forward.



Members and guests are expected to dress with “country club casual” in mind. This includes collared shirts, dress trousers, slacks or Bermuda shorts for men, and dresses, skirts, slacks, and appropriate shorts for women. Tennis and golf attire is permitted at all outdoor dining facilities. Colored (non-blue) denim is permissible for all dining facilities. Golf shoes and flip-flops are discouraged in dining areas and prohibited in the dining room and Upper Terrace after 5:00 PM.

Blue denim on any article of clothing is prohibited on the first (main) level of the Clubhouse.  Neat blue denim is permitted on the lower (ground) level of the Clubhouse including the Tavern and Lower Patio. If you are wearing blue denim, please enter and exit the Clubhouse through the ground floor doors (by the atrium and off the Lower Patio). Ripped, torn, or heavily distressed jeans are not permitted.


Please no cropped tops, cut-off shorts, yoga pants, or leggings in the Clubhouse except in the gym. 


Cargo shorts with external pockets are not permitted on Club premises.



We ask that members and guests dress modestly.  Appropriate bathing suit attire is required for everyone. Thongs are not permitted.


Swimwear is permissible only within the pool area and adjacent parking areas.

When entering or exiting the pool area and walking on Club grounds, appropriate bathing suit cover-up attire is required. Women’s bathing suits must be fully covered, and men must wear shirts with sleeves.


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201 Sullivan Way, West Trenton, NJ 08628

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