Late 1890's

History of Trenton Country Club

Cross the threshold of our clubhouse and enter a world of congenial camaraderie that began its legacy in the late 1890s. Follow in the footsteps of our notable members and guests. Astor (1901), Roosevelt (1901), Rockefeller (1911), Chaplin (1919), and Crosby (1928) are just a few of the distinguished guests who signed Trenton Country Club’s leather-bound registry as they entered to dine with friends and colleagues or enjoy an afternoon on one of America’s first golf courses.



Welcome to Trenton Country Club, one of New Jersey’s finest and most historic private clubs.  We are proud of TCC’s history and traditions and kindly request you review the following policies prior to your arrival. We hope you enjoy your visit.


Dress Code

In keeping with TCC’s private club setting, all members and guests are expected to follow the Club’s dress code guidelines for modest and neat attire. Hats and visors may be worn outside and in the locker rooms but must be removed before entering other areas of the Clubhouse. Hats and visors must be worn with the brim facing forward. Blue denim is permitted only on the lower level of the Clubhouse. If you are wearing blue denim, please enter the Clubhouse through the lower level doors. Please change clothes and shoes only in the designated locker or changing rooms.  



Gentlemen are expected to wear pants or shorts tailored for golf, and collared shirts tucked in at all times. 

Ladies may wear appropriate golf skirts, skorts, shorts, pants, or dresses. Golf shirts or tops with collars are encouraged but not required if appropriate for golf.  Cropped and racerback tops are not permitted.  

Soft spikes or spikeless golf shoes are requested. Metal spikes are not permitted. Cargo pants or cargo shorts are not permitted. 


Gentlemen should wear smart, tailored athletic wear, including warmup attire and tennis-appropriate footwear. Tennis shirts without a collar explicitly designed for tennis may be worn untucked. 


Ladies may wear tennis skirts, shorts, dresses.  Women may wear sleeveless shirts designed for tennis. Athletic wear, including warmup attire, is permitted if appropriate for tennis use. 



Gentlemen should dress with “country club casual” in mind. Tennis and golf attire is permitted at all outdoor dining facilities.  Slacks or appropriate shorts are allowed for indoor and outdoor dining and should be accompanied by a tucked-in, collared shirt or appropriately tailored, untucked collared shirt. The wearing of cargo pants or cargo shorts is discouraged. For gentlemen, wearing a sport coat, jacket, or blazer when dining indoors is encouraged but not required.  Jackets are required in the main dining room on Saturday evenings October - March. Blue denim is permitted for Tavern dining, but please enter and exit through the lower level of the Clubhouse only.  Footwear must be worn at all times except when at the pool.  


Ladies should likewise adhere to the “country club casual” dress code. Tennis and golf attire is permitted at all outdoor dining facilities.  Dresses, skirts, slacks, or appropriate shorts are all acceptable.  Colored (non-blue) denim is permissible for all dining facilities.  Neat, blue denim may be worn in the Clubhouse when dining in the Tavern (lower level entry only). Ripped, torn, or heavily distressed jeans are not permitted. Please no cropped tops, cut-off shorts, yoga pants, or leggings in the Clubhouse except in the gym.  


Swimwear is permissible only within the pool area and adjacent parking areas. We ask that members and guests dress modestly.  Bare feet are allowed in the pool area, but wearing sandals or slides is encouraged. 


Personal Device Use

The Club acknowledges the changing technological climate but requests consideration of others to ensure a pleasant, peaceful experience for all to enjoy the Club. Phones must be placed in silent or vibrate settings and used discreetly for texting, emailing, or data usage. We ask that you move to the locker room, parking area, or a private area if receiving or making a phone call. We appreciate calls being kept to a minimum and as brief and unobtrusive as possible. Taking photos with cell phones is permitted; however, we ask that members’ and guests’ privacy be respected at all times. 



Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Clubhouse, terraces, and pool in accordance with New Jersey law. Smoking is permitted on the golf course or in the parking lot; however, we ask that you do so 15 feet or more away from any building entrance or dining facility.  Members or guests who choose to smoke should dispose of cigarettes and cigars in appropriate receptacles.  Lit cigars or cigarettes should never be rested on tees or greens. 



Parking for the Clubhouse, tennis complex, golf, and the pool is available in front of the Clubhouse - left off the main drive beyond the tennis courts. Additional parking is available behind and to the right of the Pro Shop. Handicap parking is available in both parking areas. 



Bag Drop: Upon arrival, guests are encouraged to use our bag drop, located near the Pro Shop, and practice putting green at the end of the entrance drive.  A member of our bag room or Pro Shop team will greet you, set your bag in a designated area, and guide you to the locker room or pro shop as needed. 


Locker Room: Upon arrival, please check in with one of our locker room attendants, who will provide you with a guest locker and can assist you with anything you need at the Club.  Please change clothes and shoes only in the locker room. 


Pro Shop: Guests are asked to check-in with the Pro Shop prior to teeing off. Our professional staff can answer any questions about the golf course or Club that you may need to make the most of your experience at TCC.


Pace of Play: We ask that all members and their guests adhere to the guidelines of “ready golf” and maintain appropriate distance to and from groups in front or behind them. A 4-ball group should take no longer than 4 hours to complete their round. 3-balls should take no longer than 3:45 and 2-balls 3:30. We ask that a slower group allow a faster group play through at any time, no matter the size of either group.  


Course Etiquette: All members and guests are asked to treat the course as if it is their own. This includes, but is not limited to, replacing divots, repairing your ball mark and one more, raking or smoothing all bunkers after use, and generally respecting playing surfaces at all times.  


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