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Trenton Country Club, Inc.

Stockholder Proxy

the undersigned Stockholder of Trenton Country Club, Inc., 

Do hereby designate the following individual as my true and lawful proxy (“Proxy”), with full power of substitution, to represent me and vote all of my stocks with respect to the 2023 Board of Directors election held on February 3, 2023.  By this designation of Proxy, I do hereby revoke any and all prior proxy designations which may have been made with respect to my stock.

My Proxy shall have full power as a Stockholder to vote on an issue, motion, or action that I may have voted and to otherwise represent me with respect to Trenton Country Club, Inc.

The Proxy may vote at his or her sole discretion, except with regard to the matter of Board of Directors election.

Below is the list of candidates.  You can vote for up to a maximum of 3.  In that matter he or she shall vote for the following candidates:

Please Check One, Two, or a Maximum of Three:

This proxy shall be valid only for the 2023 Board of Directors election on February 3, 2023 and shall be revoked immediately thereafter. The named Proxy must be a stockholder attending the Annual Meeting. If no Proxy is designated below, Michael Duffy, as Chairman of the Nominating Committee, shall serve as the Designated Proxy.


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